Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Binky Fingers - Where's Calvin?

This was the unofficial follow-up to Little Brother's The Listening. Largely produced by 9th Wonder, Khrysis and Big Dho, this album spread through small circles of those in the know around 2003. He kind of came from nowhere and dropped this without much of a backstory at all, but the picture above puts rest to rumors that he was a Phonte/9th Wonder alter ego.

Binky Fingers is brilliant and hilarious once you give him a few close listens. You've never heard a MC like this, he sounds kind of like a combination of both members of Heltah Skeltah minus the violence and with a lot more humor.

This has to be the only Hip-Hop album with jazz scatting in a hook ("Hey Binky"), and wait until you hear Phonte's New Edition/BBD tribute on "Ladies Man". The skits are nothing short of great comedy as well.

I'm on the hunt now that I know he put out a mixtape in '04, and he's scheduled to resurface with a new album this year. For now, enjoy this gem.

The album -

His myspace pages -


Mike said...

Fuck that...I need a "MEN WITH DEEP VOICES" album!!!

Binky Fingers said...
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