Monday, May 21, 2007

Soundtrack To A Summer Fling

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(Track 8 made this the perfect cover)
Soundtrack To A Summer Fling - Liner Notes

For anyone who has ever heard or received a mix from me, a secret is I get my inspiration from autobiographical experience. Whatever I’m going through at the time, I try to organize and sequence a bunch of (good) songs around the topic. I do it to put people on to new music they haven’t heard and take them back to a good feeling when they heard older classics. For everyone who asks when something new is coming, if there’s nothing going on with me wont have a CD to make.

So far it’s gone like this (the better ones)

A Love Story (summer ’05) – detailing the rise and fall of my relationship at the time

I’m A Get A Bitch Number Tonight (fall ‘05) – Me getting back on the scene hollering at women

The Coldest Winter Ever (winter ‘06) – I got royally shitted on and heartbroken as soon as I tried to rebound.

All Praises Due (fall ‘06) – At a point where I felt the need to improve my ongoing relationship with the creator.

Soundtrack To A Summer Fling was made at a point where me and someone new just started digging each other a little while back. I went for two themes here, feel good music and exploring the (not so) innocence of getting to know someone for what may be a temporary thing. If you pay close attention there’s a beginning, a middle where things heat up and an ending.

How It All Came To Be: Really Blu & Exile’s “No Greater Love” is responsible for this project. I was shaken to the core by how ill the album Below The Heavens was at the same time I started interacting with the inspiration for the project. From there I scraped my my memory banks for songs that fit the mood, and came upon the PERFECT cover (you’ll understand in a minute) and solicited drops. One or two songs kind of lean more towards the female side, but it’s mostly good music that anyone with soul can dig.

Trial and Error: I scrapped a few songs - Che Grand’s “Trainspotting” was originally the opening song after the intro from its producer. “All My Time” by Paid & Live featuring Lauryn Hill was replaced by Count Bass D’s “False or True” which is way more flavorful. Little Brother’s “Nobody But You” was on the original draft, but that was a little more serious than what I was going for.

In sum: I’m not a “DJ”, don’t expect any incredible blends or scratching here but I think the songs flow well into each other if you play this without the annoying 2 second delays between tracks. I hope your summer is filled with love (you don’t have to be in love to have love for someone), fun and peaceful times with your newfound prospect or already existing significant other.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Move over, Doug E. Fresh

Cameron Giles is officially the world's greatest entertainer

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How the mighty have fallen

i cant cop his album now

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Edan and Skillz Ferguson - Fake Live Show

Edan: Cares about this Hip-Hop thing more than you and your favorite MC could ever hope to, the embodiment of upper echelon emceeing.

Skillz Ferguson: The other half of the best tag team duo you've probably never bothered to check for.

Witness what happens as they simulate a show for a crowd comprised of vocal sound effects.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Camron might be getting kicked out of Dipset today, this commemorates one of their greatest moments captured on film.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sa-Ra – Style over Substance since 2004

For the past few years music enthusiasts have been looking for a reprieve from the mundane songs shoved down our throat by the radio. People have developed a sort of complex, where in looking for the “new” shit they will accept anything as good so long as it’s different. Sure someone has to break ground for any true impact to be made but what if it doesn’t sound like much? In my parents’ heyday there was nothing like Parliament Funkadelic, but at least they seemed to have some kind of a concept of what they were doing. The past few albums Outkast has picked up the reins of going left field and against the grain, but a lot of their music sounds like something.

Around 2004, MP3s began floating around of a demo from this group Sa-Ra (Creative Partners), the “cool” kids jumped right aboard questioning nothing while the sensible of us were like “Wait, these n*ggas just sound weird. This is what all the hype is about?” Then came the accompanying visuals, their dress code said “Look at us dare to take different to a whole new level” and anyone with a normal wardrobe checking for artists whose music stands out more than their clothing was probably thrown for an even bigger loop. Then Kanye West signed them to G.O.O.D Music and the buzz really skyrocketed, with ‘Ye being quoted as saying something to the effect of “I wasn’t gonna miss out on the next shit”. So being the unpaid blogger that I am, I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to laud or trash their official debut The Hollywood Recordings since they’ve nearly eased their way to mainstream exposure.

1) Seagulls Intro – It’s alright, kind of electronic and non-descript @@@@

2) Hey Love - A Prince fanatic or a trendy chick would probably like this, but it’s not impressive like that - @@@ ½

3) Glorious* – This was the song my trendpals were gushing over 2 ½ years ago. I wasn’t impressed then and I’m still not. It actually sounds like a joint DJ Spinna did called “Intergalactic” if I’m not mistaken- @@@

4) So Special – This actually sounds like something, even though the melody in the production and vocals has Michael Jackson all through it. - @@@@

5) And If – This is alright, nothing special though - @@@ ½

6) Rosebuds – This was also on the demo from some years back. It’s pretty catchy. - @@@@

7) Feel The Bass* - I don’t know if this is supposed to be to 2010 what Planet Rock was to the early 80’s but this sounds like an experiment gone bad. Kweli probably did this for the check. - @@@

8) Not On Our Level – Their attempt at making a “jeep banger”. Nore’s verse is laughably bad if you ever enjoyed The War Report. - @@@

9) White (On The Floor)* - A hot mess designed to make you look cool in a Miami or New York club - @@@

10) Bitch* – This is about “Sa-Ra” as Sa-Ra gets. Everything I feel is wrong with this group is contained in this song. – I won’t even rate this one

11) Do Me Gurl – This is a heater even though it sounds weird. Maybe it’s the Pete Rock/The Words and Why drums. - @@@@

12) Ladies Sing – The lyrics are whatever, but the old school doo-wop vibe is kind of cool. - @@@@

13) Sweet Sour You – Also on Bilal’s never released sophomore effort Love For Sale. It’s really a @@@ ½ but B’s vocals take it to a @@@@

14)Tracy* – See what I said for Track 10. This was the song that officially made me include the * qualifiers.

15) Fly Away* – More weirdness featuring Erykah Badu - @@@

16) Lean On Me – Someone told Kurupt “Yo you gotta get with these cats they’re the future” or like Kweli he wanted a check. - @@@

17) Fish Fillet – If there was ever the myth that Pharaoh Monche can make your song better, this disproved it. - @@@1/2

18) Thrilla – This is a banger, Dilla went in with a vintage appearance. - @@@@

19) Hollywood (Redux) – One of the best songs on here, if they went this direction instead of trying to be pimped out fashionistas I would fuck with them a lot harder. This is them doing what works for them, a slow soulful groove. - @@@@ ½

That makes 7 out of 19 songs that I’m checking for, throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks doesn’t impress me. They need to produce for other artists and really carve a niche that’s all of their own or else they’ll wind up being the spaced out version of the Trackmasters.

If you need substantive proof of how weird they are, read any article you come upon.

*(If you like these songs you’re probably a hipster asshole, no two ways about it.)