Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Edan - A white boy who is keeping hip-hop alive

Reading these words wont do him justice if you havent heard him before. Years ago, an associate who goes by squeeg (on the message board from which you were likely linked to this) had a bizarre song called "Lets Be Friends" as his sig. Trusting his word on what's worth a listen, I did the knowledge and was blown away. MC, DJ, and producer extraordinaire Edan Portnoy loves and appreciates hip-hop more than the vast majority of people doing it today. Lyrics are on point from serious to humorous to creatively out of this world. He puts his all into the production as well, generally paying homage to the old school but he combined this with the influences of psychedelia and other forms of 60s rock to put out my personal album of the year in "Beauty and The Beat". It took him three years to do and clocking in just over 30 minutes long, it musically has little to no peer in 2005. Here are two of his older gems "Run That Shit" which is like a b-boy tribute to NWA when they became parodies of themselves and "Clinical Rhymes" featuring Skillz Ferguson, demonstrating just how serious he takes the culture. He's one of two white mcs I feel are saving the underground from complete mediocrity. The other I will discuss in the coming weeks. Read up on more about why you should be praising Edan at

"Run That Shit" -

"Clinical Rhymes" -

Monday, November 07, 2005

Re-Up Gang - We Got It For Cheap - We Got It For Cheap Volume 1 - We Got It For Cheap Volume 2

Mixtape series of the year, the Clipse make their long awaited return to rap after their timeless debut "Lord Willin" amd label drama while fans awaited their followup "Hell Hath No Fury." They have restored my faith in street hip-hop, primarily rapping great about drug dealing and flossing over beats that are familiar and some that are original. The Re-Up Gang includes Philly champions Sandman and Ab-Liva who is the most improved MC I've ever heard from his Major Figgaz "Yeah That's Us" days. Occasionally Skateboard P aka Pharrell shows up and he's also a damn good rapper once you get past his awkward flow. On any given song one of the four can walk away with the best verse, swagger has been redefined.